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NEW DELHI: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Sunday named nephew Akash Anand as her successor.
According to sources, Mayawati said that Akash will be her successor to take the mission movement of the party forward and work as any other karyakarta in BSP. She made the announcement during a meeting in Lucknow that was attended by party leaders from across the country.
She emphasised that Akash Anand should not be treated as her family member but as any other party worker.
No one else from her family has got any significant responsibility within the party organization, added sources.
Udayveer Singh, BSP’s Shahjahanpur district unit chief, said Akash has been declared the ‘uttaradhikari (heir)’ by Mayawati. “Akash Anand has been given the responsibility to strengthen the party organisation all over the country except Uttar Pradesh,” he added.
A party leader said that Akash has been declared as the BSP chief’s political successor to do away with the confusion within the party about the second-in-command authority.
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