Assistant Professor by Day, Folk Sensation by Night: Saurabh Verma’s Musical Odyssey


ROHTAK: In the bustling halls of Maharshi Dayanand University‘s music department, Saurabh Verma dons the hat of an assistant professor by day. However, as the sun sets, he seamlessly transforms into the captivating folk singer ‘SV-SV,’ enchanting audiences at social gatherings. The crowd grooves to his tunes, and in moments of emotional release, they affectionately call him by his moniker.
Saurabh, the son of Kailash Chander Verma, a retired station director of All India Radio and a renowned music director-cum-singer, embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of three.His talent led him to the limelight as a participant in the widely watched TV show Indian Idol-2010 and later as a folk sensation in Mati Ke Lal in 2015, earning him the coveted title of the town’s talk.
“While I dedicate my days to imparting knowledge as a music vocal teacher at the university to support my family, my evenings are devoted to singing, nourishing my soul,” shared the 37-year-old Saurabh. Fortunate to be born to a father considered a legend in the musical realm, Saurabh stands as a classical vocalist, steering clear of the cacophony that often defines contemporary music. His mission is to pass on the traditional art to his students while entertaining his fans.
Saurabh boasts a repertoire of over 30 songs spanning Haryanvi pop, Hindi-Bollywood, and spiritual-devotional genres. The breakout hit ‘Haryana Ka Chhora’ in 2008 catapulted him into the hearts of the youth, even in a time before the dominance of YouTube and Facebook in the country.
Reflecting on his collaboration with Haryanvi sensation Sapna Chaudhry, known for her stint on Big Boss, Saurabh reminisced about the success of their fusion track ‘Itni Suthari’ in 2020. The song, blending Haryanvi and Arabian influences, garnered millions of views on social media, cementing Saurabh’s versatility as an artist.
As he envisions a bright future for Haryana’s music scene, Saurabh acknowledges the industry’s resilience despite the overshadowing success of Punjabi music internationally. “Bol Tere Meethe Meethe,” a song by Haryanvi entertainer Jagbir Rathee, has dominated the charts for over a decade, even featuring in the iconic Bollywood film Dangal, where Rathee played a significant role.
In a nod to the enduring impact of Haryanvi music, Saurabh recalled the role of both Punjabi and Haryanvi songs during the ‘Kisan Andolan’ on the Delhi borders, where the tunes became a source of entertainment during the 13-month protest. Proudly mentioning his father’s contribution to the popular film ‘Chhanno,’ with a song sung by the legendary Asha Bhosle, Saurabh emphasized the cultural significance of Haryanvi music.
Anticipating a transformation in Haryana’s musical landscape, Saurabh expressed hope that the changing times would see more parents encouraging their children to pursue careers in the music industry.


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