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NEW DELHI: An assistant professor at Jamia Millia Islamia University, Abid Hussain, who was suspended in February this year amidst allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct on campus, has been has been exonerated, and his suspension has been lifted.
The decision follows the submission of reports by both the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) and an inquiry committee tasked with investigating the accusations against Abid Hussain of the Department of Psychology.
The university stated in an official order, “Both the committees have submitted their respective reports to the Vice-Chancellor, and no action or penalty has been recommended by either of the panels, except a strict warning to both the parties by the disciplinary inquiry committee. In view of the recommendations, the Vice-Chancellor has approved the revoking of the suspension with immediate effect.”
The order further added, “As no penalty has been imposed upon Dr. Abid Hussain, the period of his suspension from February 22 till the date of his rejoining will be treated as a period spent on duties for all purposes.”
Husain had faced suspension following a written complaint filed by seven faculty members from the Department of Psychology. The complaint alleged that Husain displayed aggression and used abusive language towards them, particularly towards the department head, in the presence of the Dean during a meeting. The complainants further accused Husain of physically assaulting the dean and attempting to sexually assault her through unwelcome and explicit advances.
Rejecting the allegations as a “plot by other faculty members,” Hussain expressed relief at the exoneration but lamented the adverse impact on his personal life during the 10 months of suspension. He emphasized the lack of mechanisms to address false complaints and expressed gratitude that the truth prevailed.
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