WhatsApp rolls out these new features for iPhone users, here’s what’s new


WhatsApp has rolled out new features for better user experience. The Meta-owned app has started rolling out pinned messages, a connection health feature for video calls, and a “view once” option for voice messages for iPhone users.
Pinned messages feature
WhatsApp is introducing a functionality that allows users to pin messages in group chats for all existing members.This feature empowers users with precise control over how long a message remains prominently displayed in their chats, offering three distinct duration options: 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. Importantly, users retain the flexibility to dismiss a pinned message at any time, irrespective of the chosen duration.
Connection health feature for video calls
WhatsApp is introducing a feature that allows users to assess the connection health during a video call. To initiate this, users can simply long-press their tile, revealing real-time feedback on the quality of their video call connection.
“View once” option for voice messages
Another noteworthy enhancement to the platform includes the capability to send voice messages with the “view once” option enabled. With this feature, recipients are restricted from sharing, forwarding, copying, saving, or recording the voice message. This addition introduces an additional layer of privacy and security, ensuring that the shared content remains exclusive to the recipient for a single opening.
Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the Channels Alerts feature for beta testers. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has released the Channel Alerts feature for Android beta testers which can be accessed in update version of the app.
According to the report, the newest feature seeks to improve the channel user experience by providing real-time information about their channel’s suspension. Channel administrators can utilize the Channel Alerts feature to receive notifications about potential violations of WhatsApp’s policies. Additionally, administrators have the choice to request a review of their suspension directly through the Channel Alerts screen.


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