Haarsh Limbachiyaa: Bharti Singh hosts Mukti Mohan’s sangeet; says “Haarsh and I had promised her that we would host at least one function at her wedding”


Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa had recently visited Thailand to celebrate their anniversary and also host an event there. Haarsh pre-booked the tickets 3 days prior to the event to give a lovely anniversary surprise to Bharti.
After returning to Mumbai, Bharti shared a special vlogfor Mukti’s wedding. The very day when they returned from Thailand was Mukti’s sangeet, Bharti shared, “Haarsh and I had promised her that we would host at least one function at her wedding.Haarsh is unwell, he has high fever but I will go alone and host her sangeet and enjoy with them.”

Bharti was stuck in traffic so she arrived a little late for the sangeet, she quickly changed into the sangeet outfit and got her makeup and hair done. Bharti wore a traditional sequined yellow gown for the evening. Bharti not only hosted the event for the beautiful couple but also shared glimpses of Mukti and Kunal’s dance performance. She met her old friend and choreographer Alisha who is Mukti’s bff from their initial days in the Industry.

Mukti and Kunal had a special pre-wedding movie describing their love story, sisters Shakti and Neeti, their parents also had adorable dance performances. While returning home Bharti said, “I was really tensed for Haarsh as he is unwell and alone with Golla at home. Now, when I go home I will take care of them and spend time with my little Golla.”

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At home, Haarsh was taking care of Golla while the little mischievous kid threw his toys at him. Haarsh said, “Bharti, what did you teach Golla, he is throwing everything at me.” Bharti and Haarsh had a lot of fun on their trip to Thailand. Now as they returned, they have both been a little unwell due to the weather change in Mumbai.


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