CBSE Class 10 Math Board Exam: CBSE Class 10 Math Board exam is on March 11th 2024: Top tips to score 100


CBSE Class 10 Board Exams: The CBSE Board exam 2024 date sheet has been notified officially. According to the timetable, CBSE Class 10 board exams 2024 begins on February 19 with the Sanskrit paper, and ends on March 13 2024. The Mathematics paper one of the last two papers that is scheduled for March 11, 2024.
Mathematics is generally perceived to be a fear-inducing subject.However, with regular practice, it can be one of the mostscoring papers in class 10 board exam.
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Previous trends suggest topics like Quadratic equations, Arithmetic progressions have particularly higher weightage than other topics such as Polynomials, Real numbers. Other high weightage topics include Applications of Trigonometry, Triangles, Surface area and volumes among many others.
Thorough understanding and regular practice of important topics is key to scoring well in the Mathematics paper. Here are top tips to score well in CBSE class 10 board exam Math paper.
Understanding the Fundamentals
To excel in mathematics, it is essential to grasp the basics. Begin by studying and comprehending the formulas, theorems, and concepts. Work through solved problems from NCERT and then tackle all exercises. In the initial reading, focus on gaining an overview of topics and concepts. However, to secure full marks, everything should be at your fingertips, requiring three to four revisions. So, after grasping the basics, commence practicing and revising.
Create a Schedule
Perform some calculations, such as determining the available time and planning to cover specific topics within that timeframe. With 15 chapters in Class 10 math, devise a timetable based on your knowledge retention capacity. Strive to adhere to and execute this timetable diligently.
Compile a List of Formulas
Recognizing that mathematics involves intricate formulas, it is common for students to struggle with recalling them during examinations. Therefore, it is beneficial to compile a list of formulas and theorems. This list can be used for revision just before the test, aiding in quick recall. Formulas are particularly crucial in algebra, geometry, and other sections, simplifying the process and saving time. The essential formulas for Class 10th mathematics cover various topics, including pair of linear equations, algebra and quadratic equations, arithmetic progressions, trigonometry, circles, surface area and volume, and statistics.
Time Management
Efficient time management is pivotal for achieving a perfect score in mathematics exams. Devoting 6-8 hours a day to studying is often considered effective. Set specific goals for each study session, focusing on one task at a time. Adhering to a schedule also allows for adequate time for meals, sleep, and relaxation. Understanding the importance of time, practicing with mock tests, and reviewing previous year’s question papers are integral to effective time management.
Consistent Practice
Practice is key to improvement. Solve a diverse range of mathematical problems, covering various question types. Utilize mock test papers from different resources, such as booklets containing around 15 mock papers aligned with the Class 10 math syllabus. Consistent practice helps in understanding different concepts and identifying common mistakes.
Address Familiar Questions First
Before starting to answer questions, thoroughly read the entire question paper. If you encounter unfamiliar questions, remember that you have a limited time to attempt the paper. To score well in Math, address the questions you are familiar with before tackling new ones.
Review and Repeat
Mathematics is a high-scoring subject with a significant impact on your academic record and future. Regular practice instills confidence, making it easier to handle similar problems during exams.


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