Kerala has 90% of fresh Covid cases being reported in India


KOCHI: There is a sudden spike in Covid cases in Kerala. While the state had 479 cases in November, 825 new cases were reported in the first eight days of this month. The state has contributed to more than 90% of the new Covid cases in India. While one patient died in November, two succumbed to the virus this month.
Symptoms of infected persons last for two months but death is rare and Covid clinic severity is mild.
“Covid cases are detected in patients admitted in hospital with respiratory symptoms. In most cases, they test negative for H1N1, but positive for Covid. In some patients the symptoms’ duration is longer, and it lasts for a month to two. However, what we notice now is that more than Covid, the symptoms are aggravated due to atmospheric pollution and climate change,” said Rajagiri Hospital medical superintendent Dr Sunny P Orathel.
“Though Covid cases are increasing at present, it is manageable as the infection is not too severe in the majority of the patients and death due to Covid is very few. However, aged people and those with existing comorbidities continue to be vulnerable,” said KIMSHEALTH, Thiruvananthapuram, associate consultant (infectious diseases) Dr Muhammed Niyas.


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