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NEW DELHI: Lalit Mohan Jha, the alleged key conspirator in the security breach incident in Parliament, has told his interrogators that he and other members of the group had originally planned to immolate themselves inside and outside Parliament but after applying a ‘fire retardant gel‘ to limit their injuries, but had to drop the incendiary idea after failing to source the gel.
Jha said use of smoke canisters was part of Plan B – a claim that has strengthened the gathering assumption of investigators that he and some others in the group were not just publicity-seeking types.
Jha also claimed to have burned and destroyed his and others’ mobile handsets, reinforcing Delhi Police’s suspicion that he was the central character in the conspiracy. Also known as ‘Masterji’ because of tuitions he would give in the Kolkata locality he used to reside, Jha had fled with the mobile phones of his co-accused from outside Parliament when the smoke canisters were released.

Watch: Parliament security breach ‘Mastermind’ Lalit Jha’s hideout in Kolkata

Police are wary of his claim that the mobile phones, which should have clues to the conspiracy and contacts of others who were part of the conspiracy but did join in the dramatic action on Wednesday, are gone for good, and suspect that this could be a ploy to mislead the probe.
He has so far not been very cooperative and has frequently changed his statements to interrogators.
The UAPA FIR filed by the police says the ‘Made in China’ smoke canisters used by the suspects inside Parliament and outside were not “harmless” and could have caused serious injuries. The FIR mentioned warnings on the can and instructions to “wear goggles and gloves” while opening and there was a warning not to use them indoors or in enclosed spaces.
The FIR details how Sagar and Manoranjan prepared for smuggling the smoke canisters in cavities cut into the left sole of custom-made sports shoes supported by thick rubber layers. Seven teams were constituted on Friday evening to conduct an in-depth probe into the case.
Watch Parliament security breach: Main conspirator Lalit Mohan Jha arrested by Delhi Police


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