AI: No, robots are not taking away your jobs anytime soon as per Stanford professor


Ever since Artificial Intelligence came into focus late last year with the launch of ChatGPT to the general public there has been fear of the technology taking away jobs among other things. Debate continues over how much AI will be able to automate parts of the global workforce as generative tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT take the world by storm. The conversational AI chatbot can do things like write code, generate marketing materials, and create lesson plans.
“If you think of data entry, call centers, HR, payroll — this kind of thing that’s fully remote — a lot of this may be replaced by AI in five to 10 years,” a Standord professor told Bloomberg in a report recently.
“If this was a Zoom call, I could almost just about be AI,” the professor said, referring to his interview to the publication.
However, his prophecy is not all bad. He doesn’t see robots replacing human jobs. He said that it may be impractical for robots to physically replace in-person workers. “If I was in person, the robot that replaces me is vastly clunky and it’s just never going to work,” he said.
He further added that AI could potentially make hybrid workers more productive. According to the professor’s research, they make up 30% of the American and Northern European workforce. “AI probably helps you out,” he said. “For hybrid workers, I don’t see in the near term that it’s really a threat. If anything, it’s maybe supporting that job.”
300 million jobs at risk of AI
Earlier this year, Goldman Sachs published a study that said that AI tools could lead to “significant disruption” in the workforce and impact up to 300 million full-time jobs around the world. The study claimed that white-collar workers are most likely to be affected.
“I think there are generally three categories that are going to be relatively insulated in the foreseeable future,” says Ford. “The first would be jobs that are genuinely creative: you’re not doing formulaic work or just rearranging things, but you’re genuinely coming up with new ideas and building something new.”


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