Stabbing: US man kills wife over pancakes


NEW DELHI: An 85-year-old man in the United States has been taken into custody on charges of fatally stabbing his 81-year-old wife after he didn’t want to eat pancakes she made for him.
The incident occurred on December 10, as per a statement from the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.
The accused, identified as Steven Schwartz, allegedly committed the act with a kitchen knife.
The 81-year-old victim was discovered inside her residence in Washington DC with stab wounds, while Steven Schwartz was found in the house with “self-inflicted injuries”.
Schwartz used a carving knife to stab the 81-year-old, and the motivation behind the incident was a dispute over his eating habits. Reportedly, Schwartz informed investigators that his wife was attempting to provide him with nourishment to aid in weight recovery.
On the day of the stabbing, Schwartz recounted that his wife was trying to feed him a pancake, but he declined, saying he couldn’t consume it. Following his refusal of the breakfast item, Schwartz reported hearing a plate crash against the wall, following which he grabbed the carving knife and threatened to cut himself with it. He reported that his next memory was seeing his wife lying on the ground.
“I killed her, Oh my Lord. I don’t remember it was a crazy fight!” the man allegedly said while sitting in the back of a police cruiser.
According to the New York Post, the 85-year-old described his wife as a “bit of a taskmaster”, but admitted she was doing it because she “loved him so much that (she) wanted him to be well and that she wanted her partner and protector back”.
After the incident, the neighbours heard screams from inside the home and called the couple’s son. “I stabbed her and then myself,” Schwartz told his son before handing him the knife. He reportedly also stabbed himself, before officers deployed a Taser and disarmed the 85-year-old.
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