CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2024: CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2024: Essential tips to score well in English writing section and important formats


CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education recently announced the schedule for CBSE Class 10 board exam 2024. Candidates appearing for the exam can check the detailed exam schedule in our report.
The Class 10 English exam is scheduled for February 26, 2024. The exam starts at 10:30AM for all, and will go on till the respective exam duration as set by the board for each subject.
Generally accepted as a scoring paper, securing full marks in English subject requires targeted diligent practise.
Section B of the paper, dedicated to composition and writing requires regular practice and a accurate recollection of various formats. Here are five tips candidates can incorporate to score well in the paper.
Improve Your Structure
Learn the proper format for each type of writing task, such as letters, reports, stories, and so on. Plan your response strategically, including clear introductions, coherent body paragraphs, and conclusive summaries.
Improve Your Vocabulary and Grammar
Develop a sophisticated vocabulary by reading extensively and using impactful language while avoiding common phrases. To ensure precision and fluency in your writing, master grammar rules.
Consistent Practice is Essential
Participate in writing exercises in a variety of genres on a regular basis, responding to given prompts within time constraints. Analyse previous year papers and sample questions to determine examiner expectations and fine-tune your approach accordingly.
Focus on Content Quality
Focus on presenting well-supported arguments that are both relevant and well-informed. Avoid making vague statements and instead back up your points with examples or evidence. Stay focused on the designated topic to demonstrate your critical thinking skills.
Polished Presentation
Maintain a neat and legible handwriting standard, with appropriate spacing and margins. Proofread your work thoroughly to ensure that there are no errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar, resulting in a polished and professional presentation.
Important ‘Formal Letter’ format for Class 10 CBSE board exam 2024
Letter writing is usually one of the compulsory questions that is given in the English exam paper each year. Here is the format for a formal letter for the candidate’s ready reference.
Sender’s Address: Place the sender’s address or contact details on the left side of the page, adjacent to the margin.
Date: Below the sender’s address, leave one line and indicate the date.
Receiver’s Address: Following the date, provide the address of the recipient, whether it be an Officer, Principal, or Editor.
Subject of the Letter: Concisely state the primary purpose of the letter in 4-5 words.
Salutation: Begin the letter with a courteous salutation such as “Respected Sir/Madam.”
Body:Structure the body into three paragraphs-

  • First Paragraph: Introduce yourself and briefly outline the purpose of the letter.
  • Second Paragraph: Elaborate on the matter in detail.
  • Third Paragraph: Conclude the letter by summarizing the main points or proposing a solution.

Closing: Conclude the letter with an appropriate closing phrase such as “Thanking you” followed by “Yours faithfully” or “Yours sincerely.”
Sender’s Name, Signature: Sign off with the sender’s name and, if applicable, their designation. This adds a formal touch to the letter.
Below is the CBSE Class 10 Marking scheme for reference of the format:



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