iPhone 16 could have a ‘Capture Button,’ here’s what it’ll do


Apple replaced the mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro with the Action Button, which can be customized for various functions, including muting, flashlight, and launching the camera. But what if there was a dedicated button on the iPhone for the camera? Well, Apple is working on bringing one on next year’s iPhone 16 models, which could be called the “Capture Button.”
Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reported that the Capture Buttonon iPhone 16 models will have the ability to record video.Gurman revealed in his latest Power On newsletter that the new models will feature a dedicated button for video recording.
According to an earlier report by MacRumors, the Capture Button was seen on the early prototypes of the iPhone 16. On these prototypes, the Capture Button was positioned on the lower right-hand side of the device. In US models, this button is said to replace the mmWave antenna, which will be relocated to the left-hand side of the phone, below the volume and Action buttons.
The Capture Button will be a capacitive button with haptic feedback rather than a mechanical button. It is expected to include a force sensor that can recognize pressure. If it is triggered via pressure, it is likely that holding it down will launch the camera and enable video recording. A report from MacRumors notes that different pressure levels could also allow users to switch between photo and video modes or create a spatial video.
Other design changes in iPhone 16
Apple has reportedly created several prototypes for the upcoming iPhone 16, with different colours and minor design differences. The midnight prototype is expected to be the final design, featuring a new Capture button and a larger Action button.
The iPhone 16 will have a vertical camera module, with two designs under consideration: an iPhone 12-style design with two stacked lenses, and an iPhone X-type design with a singular pill-shaped enclosure. Apple is using the iPhone 12-like camera layout more extensively on its prototypes.
Early prototypes had a single volume button, but due to technical issues, Apple will use mechanical buttons instead of a unified volume button. The report suggests that the mute switch on the vanilla iPhone models may be replaced with a new Action button.


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