Neither India, nor US but ‘we shot ourselves in our own foot’, says Nawaz Sharif as he blames army for Pak’s woes


NEW DELHI: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday expressed that neither India nor the US, or even Afghanistan were responsible for Pakistan‘s current challenges. Instead, he attributed the country’s troubles to its own actions, indirectly pointing fingers at the powerful military establishment.
Speaking to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidates, Sharif, who seeks a record fourth term as prime minister, highlighted his three oustings from power in 1993, 1999, and 2017.

He emphasized that the nation’s economic state was a result of internal factors rather than external influences. Sharif accused the military of orchestrating the selection of the government through rigged 2018 polls, leading to the people’s suffering and economic decline.

Criticizing the judiciary, Sharif questioned their support for military dictators while holding prime ministers accountable. He specifically targeted former ISI chief Gen Faiz Hamid for his role in his 2017 ousting, mentioning a case opened in the Supreme Court against those who feared their efforts would be wasted if Sharif was released from jail.
Returning from a four-year exile in October, Sharif, the only politician to serve as prime minister three times, accused the military establishment of making decisions to install their preferred candidate in power. He recounted his 1999 and 2017 removals, citing reasons such as being declared a hijacker and not accepting a salary from his son.
In a televised address, Sharif blamed the military establishment of 2014-17 for coercing senior judges to remove him from power, alleging threats and interference in court verdicts.
Last week, Sharif was acquitted in the Al-Azizia Steel mill corruption case, adding to previous acquittals in the Avenfield graft case and the Flagship corruption case.


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