Google to restrict election-related queries on Bard, AI-powered Search


Taking a cue from Facebook parent Meta, Google has announced that it will restrict certain types of election-related queries on its AI chatbot Bard and AI-powered Search in a run-up to the 2024 US Presidential election.
Next year, a number of high profile elections — including General Elections in India — are taking place around the world, and Google says that AI, being an emerging technology, presents new opportunities as well as challenges.
“Beginning early next year, in preparation for the 2024 elections and out of an abundance of caution on such an important topic, we’ll restrict the types of election-related queries for which Bard and SGE will return responses,” Google said.
How people can identify AI-generated content
To help people identify AI-generated content that may seem realistic, the company has introduced several new tools and policies:
Ads disclosures: Elections advertisers are required to prominently disclose when their ads include realistic synthetic content that’s been digitally altered or generated, including by AI tools.
Content labels: Over the coming months, YouTube will require creators to disclose when they’ve created realistic altered or synthetic content. They must also display a label that indicates for people when the content they’re watching is synthetic.
Features like About this Result provides context in SGE, and the double-check feature in Bard will enable people to evaluate whether there’s content across the web to substantiate Bard’s English language response.
Moreover, About this image feature in Search will help people assess the credibility and context of images found online.
Digital watermarking: SynthID, a tool in beta from Google DeepMind, directly embeds a digital watermark into AI-generated images and audio.
Meta bans AI use on advertising
Meta in November said it is barring political campaigns and advertisers in other regulated industries from using its new generative AI advertising products. Advertisers on Meta will also have to disclose when AI or other digital methods are used to create election related advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.


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