CBSE 12th Board Exam 2024: Download and solve Computer Science sample paper here


Computer Science stands as one of the rapidly expanding disciplines in India, making it an ideal choice for aspiring individuals. Students who wish to start a career in this field should initiate their preparations as early as Class 11th. For Science students gearing up for the CBSE 12th Board Exam in Computer Science, exploring and practicing sample papers is a valuable step.
Sample papers play a crucial role in board exams. These papers serve as comprehensive guides, shedding light on frequently examined topics and question formats. This insightful approach aids in effective revision by enabling you to prioritize areas with higher significance. Additionally, it assists in pinpointing weaker sections that may require additional time and focus.
Access and solve sample papers to enhance your preparation for successful performance in the CBSE 12th Board Exam 2024 in Computer Science.Important Instructions

  • The question paper will contain 35 questions.
  • The paper will be divided into 4 Sections – A, B, C, D, and E.
  • Section A will consist of 18 questions (1 to 18). Each question will carry 1 Mark.
  • Section B will consist of 7 questions (19 to 25). Each question will carry 2 Marks.
  • Section C will consist of 5 questions (26 to 30). Each question will carry 3 Marks.
  • Section D will consist of 2 questions (31 to 32). Each question will carry 4 Marks.
  • Section E will consist of 3 questions (33 to 35). Each question will carry 5 Marks.
  • All programming questions are to be answered using the Python Language only.

Download: CBSE 12th Computer Science Sample Paper 2024
Tips to Score High in CBSE Class 12th Computer Science 2024
Understand syllabus and exam format: Thoroughly understand the CBSE Computer Science syllabus for 2024. This will help you focus your study efforts and give you an idea of the kinds of questions that might come up.
Use the right study materials: Make sure to use trustworthy textbooks, reference books, online tutorials, and practice questions that match the CBSE syllabus and exam format.
Master the basics: Make sure you understand the main concepts like data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, and databases. Don’t rush ahead without solidifying your grasp of these fundamentals.
Practice coding regularly: Coding is crucial in computer science. Practice writing code consistently on platforms like CodeChef, HackerRank, or LeetCode to improve your problem-solving and coding skills. Try taking part in coding competitions to challenge yourself in a competitive setting.
Work on past question papers: It’s essential to solve previous years’ CBSE Computer Science question papers. This will make you familiar with the exam structure, the types of questions asked, and how marking is done. Review your answers to find areas where you can improve and increase your accuracy.


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