Google Chrome: Google brings new features to Chrome browser: All the details


Google is constantly experimenting with new features, including built-in translation tools, enhanced accessibility options, and even voice-controlled browsing. Google Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, is getting a fresh wave of features designed to make browsing experience smoother, safer, and more organised. From enhanced security checks to convenient tab grouping, these updates promise to elevate your online journey.
Safety Check gets updates
Chrome’s built-in Safety Check is receiving a major upgrade. This handy tool now scans for compromised passwords, outdated extensions, and suspicious downloads, all within a single tap. “You’ll get proactively alerted if passwords saved in Chrome have been compromised, any of your extensions are potentially harmful, you’re not using the latest version of Chrome, or site permissions need your attention,” said Google in a blog post
Organise ‘em tabs better
For those prone to tab overload, Chrome has introduced Saved Tab Groups. This nifty feature allows you to categorise your open tabs into meaningful groups, like “Work Research,” “Recipe Hunt,” or others. “Rolling out over the next few weeks in Chrome on desktop, you’ll be able to save tab groups so you can access them on other desktop devices and easily pick your projects back up,” said Google.
Other features
In the blog post. Google revealed that its memory saver mode in Chrome is getting a few updates. “We recently added more details about your tabs’ memory usage when you hover over them in Memory Saver mode, including the potential memory saved when they go inactive. And we’ve made it easier to specify sites that should always remain active,” said Google. To set up Memory Saver mode, head to the Performance section in your settings and toggle Memory Saver on.
All these features are being rolled out gradually and will reach users soon.


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