Bigg Boss 17: Did Vicky Jain try to slap wife Ankita Lokhande? Abhishek Kumar and Arun Mahshetty accuse the businessman of the same


The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 was full of drama and controversy. One of the major highlights that grabbed major attention was when Abhishek Kumar, Arun Mashetty accused Vicky Jain of almost hitting his wife Ankita Lokhande. Vicky and Abhishek got into an ugly spat over the same and Ankita asked the Udaariyaan actor not to make such serious allegations.
It started with the contestants of Dimag room getting into a tiff.Arun asked Vicky to play his own game and not manipulate others. Vicky and Abhishek were having an argument and Arun also kept poking. Ankita also joined the argument and they began to have a fight. Irritated with arguments, Vicky who was trying to have a conversation with Abhishek, got aggressive. In aggression he got up from his bed keeping his blanket aside. Arun and Abhishek both noticed the same and accused Vicky of trying to hit wife Ankita. They started to target Vicky over the same, but the latter took Anurag Dobhal’s help to prove his point that he was not trying to hit her. The Pavitra Rishta actress also looked shocked for a few seconds.
Abhishek even made some serious allegations against him. However, Vicky did not take it and bashed him for the same.
Abhishek said, “What did we just see? Did you try to hit Ankita Lokhande, your wife? Apni biwi ko marta hai Vicky Jain. Sab log dekho issne Ankita Lokhande ko maara. Arun Bhai sabko please batana ye.” Reacting to the same, Vicky said, “I was furiously keeping my blanket aside, stop making such big claims it’s not a joke.”

Ankita, who was watching all this defended her husband Vicky Jain and slammed Abhishek and even stated to clear this point on weekend ka vaar.
Ankita, on the other hand said, “Pehle khud ko dekh bhai, khud ladkiyo ko maarta hai and humpe allegations lagata hai. How can you say such a big thing on national TV. Do you think all of it is a joke? Think twice before saying all this because I’m not going to take it. You yourself hit Isha, punched her and what not.”
Vicky then calmed Ankita down and said, “Stop explaining things to him, he doesn’t understand anything and says anything he wants.”
Abhishek realised he should have not dragged the matter and told Ankita that he would not raise this point again.
The episode also saw a huge fight between close friends Mannara Chopra and Munawar Faruqui. The two got into a tiff after Munawar called her a ‘hypocrite.’ Later, Munawar apologised to her but Mannara refused to accept his apology.

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