Singapore Ride-Hailing Company: ‘Go back India’: Singapore cab driver hurls racist remarks at passenger


NEW DELHI: A Singapore-based ride-hailing company Grab is looking into an incident involving a driver who made racist comments towards a passenger, reportedly saying ‘Go back India.’
The Straits Times on Friday reported that an unidentified passenger shared the details of the incident, along with screenshots of the conversation with the Grab driver, on Instagram.
The conversation initiated with the driver explaining the inability to reach the pickup point due to nearby road construction and advising the passenger not to wait. In response, the passenger suggested canceling the trip if the driver couldn’t make it. The driver then asked if the passenger was of Indian descent and subsequently told them to ‘Go back India.’

Having lived and worked in Singapore for a decade, the passenger denounced the incident as blatant racism. “But then again, one bad apple doesn’t change my experience of Singapore – I love it and have had so many people reach out to apologize for what I experienced,” he told the Singaporean newspaper.
In response to the incident, Grab, a prominent ride-hailing service in Singapore, stated that they are actively investigating the matter.


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