Experts claim missing Malaysian flight MH370 ‘can be found in days’, appeal for new search


NEW DELHI: Recent leads discovered in the years-long search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has renewed hopes of a breakthrough, with experts saying that the wreckage could be found within days.
According to a report in South China Morning Post, aerospace expert Jean-Luc Marchand and pilot Patrick Blelly are pushing for a new search based on recent revelations about the fate of the flight.

The flight carrying 239 passengers and crew had vanished from radar screens on March 8, 2014, initiating a monumental search effort that has left the world in suspense for years.

Now, the the duo of experts are claiming that the mystery of the missing flight could be solved in a matter of “days” if a new search is launched.
In an open call for help during a lecture in London, the experts said that the new search area could be canvassed in 10 days with newer technology available.
The experts said that the new search area was based on the theory that the plane was “purposefully hijacked” and downed in deep ocean.
“It could be a quick thing. Until the wreckage of MH370 is found, nobody knows [what happened]. But, this is a plausible trajectory,” Marchand said, based on their “homework”.
According to the report, the duo urged Australia’s Transport Safety Authority, the Malaysian government, and Ocean Infinity—an exploration company—to initiate a fresh search effort. Marchand highlighted the urgency of a rapid search, considering it a prime opportunity for the company’s latest unmanned sub-nautical search technology.
Characterizing the event as a harrowing one-directional voyage, he speculated that a skilled pilot likely executed the maneuver.
“Our research strongly indicates that the hijacking was likely orchestrated by a seasoned aviator,” Marchand stated, emphasizing the findings from their comprehensive study.
“The cabin was depressurised … and it was a soft control ditching to produce minimal debris. It was performed so as to not be trapped or found.
“Certainly, the aircraft was not visible except for the military. The guy knew that if search and rescue would be triggered, it would be on the flight path.”
The experts argued that the plane’s transponder was deliberately turned off, dismissing the possibility of autopilot causing its deviation from the flight path.


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