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NEW DELHI: In a possible breakthrough, the Delhi Police and central intelligence agencies are learnt to have initiated a manhunt for a suspect who allegedly came to Prithviraj Road on Tuesday afternoon, shortly before a mysterious explosion was reported near the Israel embassy. Raids were being conducted in Jamia Nagar in southeast Delhi late on Thursday to trace the suspect/s.
Calling him their prime suspect till now, an intelligence establishment officer said that they zeroed in on this suspect after tracing an auto rickshaw in which the accused sat. This is significant because a similar lead had emerged in the case of a blast at the Israel embassy in 2021 as well. However, the cops had lost the trail after reaching Jamia Nagar at the time.
This time, the auto, sources said, was captured on CCTV footage but its registration number couldn’t be read as the footage was blurred. The cops then checked more cameras and zeroed in on a few autos present in the area around that time.
They were questioned at length during which one of them took the cops to Jamia Nagar. The cops were tightlipped on whether the auto in question dropped or picked up the suspect at the blast site or Jamia Nagar.

In the 2021 case, the Delhi Police’s special cell and the National Investigation Agency had scanned over 200 cameras in the Lutyen’s zone and spotted two of the suspects near the spot wearing masks. One was wearing a jacket and carrying a bag while walking on the footpath, the footage later released by the NIA showed.
The cops had then tracked down the auto driver who had picked them up from near the embassy and dropped them off at Jamia Nagar. However, no footage from Jamia could capture them indicating that they boarded a getaway vehicle from a spot which didn’t have CCTV coverage. The NIA had released a reward of Rs 10 lakh for any information on the duo.
There are more similarities in the two blasts, officials said. There was the use of a timer device in the two blasts. Both incidents had a letter left at the spot by the bomber(s).
The 2021 letter was addressed to the Israeli ambassador as well and stated that the explosion was just a “trailer” and referred to Iran’s general Qasem Soleimani and nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, as “martyrs”. Both Iranians were killed in two separate incidents two years ago. The letter left at the spot this time talked about “resistance to Zionists” and criticized Israel for the war with Gaza.

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