Google Maps: How to use Google Maps to save and find parked vehicles


Vehicle owners have often experienced the frustration of losing their parked cars in areas like busy streets and parking lots where there are multiple cars parked at the same time. In some situations, pressing the key fob button also doesn’t help users to find their vehicles. For such instances, Google Maps offers a handy solution that can help users to locate their vehicles swiftly.
Google’s popular navigation service, Maps, offers multiple helpful features for its users. However, these features often go unnoticed by most users. Google Maps users can either ask the Google Assistant or can directly save and later find their parked car with just a few taps within the app on both Android and iPhone devices. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Google Maps to save and find parked cars.
Google’s blog claims that parked car locations can be saved easily in Maps. Here are the steps:

How to save car parking location on Google Maps

Open the Google Maps app on Android or iPhone once you reach your parking spot


Tap the blue location dot icon


Select the “Save Parking” button near the bottom of the screen.


In the blog post, Google claims that this is the easiest way to save your car’s parking location. However, users can also tap “More Info” to add a parking note and how long they plan on being in the spot. Users can also tap the “Share” option and send the saved location to others in their group or even text it to themselves so it becomes easy to find later.

Users can also access Google Maps to find the location where they have parked their car. Here’s how to use it:

How to find parked cars on Google Maps

Once you’re ready to find your vehicle, reopen Google Maps on iPhone or Android


Look on the map for a little grey icon that says, “You parked here” (or use the link you sent yourself earlier).


Once you find the spot, walk towards it, or tap the “You Parked Here” icon and select “Directions” to use Google Maps navigation.


Now, you’ll get turn-by-turn directions right to your car.

Google also allows users to type “Parking Location” in the search bar, showing where you parked. However, in such cases, Google Maps shows every possible parking location nearby.
If the user is walking or taking public transport back to their vehicle, they should change the navigation type from driving to walking or whatever method they’re using.
It is important to note that the location may face issues if the user is parked in a garage with multiple levels. However, Google Maps will help users to reach at least the correct building. Once the user is safely back in their car, they can tap the parking icon again and select “Clear.” By doing this, the location won’t surface later when they’re using the Google Maps parking feature.
For CarPlay or Android Auto users, Google Maps can automatically save your parking location. Some parking venues also support the “Pay for Parking” feature. By hitting this option, users can also pay ahead of time.


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