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Taapsee Pannu is one of the finest actors in the business today, having worked across languages like Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil cinema. With a background in modeling and South Indian films, Taapsee made a mark in Bollywood with compelling performances in films like Pink, Badla,Thappad and now Dunki. Dunki is her first collaboration with not only Shah Rukh Khan but also Rajkumar Hirani.Read on to know more about her journey with the film.

Taapsee Pannu’s HONEST interview on working with SRK, Rajkumar Hirani, Trolls, ‘Dunki’ and more…

How has your experience been post the release of Dunki?
I think it’s still happening. Every day I wake up with some more beautiful messages, some more beautiful comments. I don’t know about everybody else but I’m ending the year with a bang. I’ve waited for a long time as I didn’t have a theatrical release for more than a year. So in a way just saving the best for the last.
Dunki was your first time working with Shah Rukh Khan, can you describe your first meeting with him?
In your head, obviously, all the flash cuts of all his films and the moments he’s created on screen, his songs to his dialogues and all of that keep giving a good reel. So when you come in front of him, it’s not like he has an intimidating personality. He doesn’t have an intimidating personality. He’s a very warm and welcoming personality. But because you can see the same man you’ve been seeing for years on the big screen, you just freeze that moment. But the body and all is functioning. But I had to keep continuously shaking myself up in the first couple of meetings, like, come back to reality.. He’s just sitting there in front of me. It was never like anybody got to know about it or I shared it with anyone because it’ll be very odd if I do that. I don’t want to mess it up in any way. So you’re putting up this very confident and brave front,but you know, mentally, you are in a certain danger looking at him. But so it did take me a couple of days to actually snap out of it.
And how was it to romance Shah Rukh Khan?
Same thing !!! Actually, when you are looking at him, when he is looking at you with those eyes and expressions, you immediately have that déjà vu of, those classic love story films that he has done and we have loved him for those films. So you start going into again that, that memory of what you have seen of him that you have loved so much. So a couple of days in the beginning, because most of our scenes were together. And so many scenes, there were times when he kept looking at me very lovingly. It was very hard to not freeze in that moment.
So did your idea of romance change after meeting Shah Rukh Khan ?
My approach as an actor in front of the camera, my awareness as an actor in front of the camera has changed for the better after this film. Courtesy both Shah Rukh sir and Raju sir.
You did something very interesting this year and it was to host a roast on your own birthday, what made you do that?
I love comedy, also because I feel people have forgotten how to take a joke on themselves. I feel the humour has literally gone out of our lives.We are simply ready to get hurt about anything and everything. So, I think it’s high time that people learn to first laugh at themselves and then enjoy a good joke. I think we take ourselves very seriously as if we are some kind of King or Queen somewhere. In the larger scheme of things, we are nobodies.We are like the tiniest dust particle on the planet, on planet Earth. We’re nobodies. So, why consider ke matlab mere ko aise kaise bol diya?
And I really live by that logic. I don’t take myself too seriously. I take my work very seriously. So, I don’t really feel like tumne mujhe aise kaise bola. Also, to give out an indication to people who think by trolling me or by calling me names, they’re going to really affect me. No. When I decided to be a public figure, I knew this would happen. And you become so used to it that it doesn’t affect you. But when you do that, do it in a nice, funny way. So, I can at least laugh at it.
Post Dunki, there is a very interesting project in your hand which is the sequel to your film Haseen Dilruba… how was it was to extend the character you played in the first one?
This time around, I approached it with more confidence because when I was doing the first part I was stepping into the role which conventionally is not me kind of casting. I was probably the last one to be approached for the film. There are a lot of people who said no for this role. And I keep blaming Kanika ( writer) for that because you didn’t come to me first. She heard a no from so many other girls. So then finally she gave this role to me. But with the second part I figured that she has taken a big leap in terms of stakes, the plot points are very, very crazy in comparison to the first one.


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