Uber 2023 Recap: Uber 2023 recap is here: How to access and know how you travelled


Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube recently released their annual recaps where they clubbed and listed their users’ listening habits, their favourite songs and other data in a fun way. Uber is the latest company to provide a recap of how users travelled in 2023.
How to access Uber 2023 recap
If you are a regular Uber user, here’s how you can access your recap on the Uber app.

  • Open the Uber app, and scroll down to spot independent cards that provide information of offers
  • Tap on the “Your 2023 recap is here” card and it will open up three slides.
  • These slides provide information on users’ “adventures all year round!”

For example, it will tell how many rides did the user complete in 2023 and how many days did the user travel. Furthermore, in our case, Friday was our “favourite day to travel.”
Other information includes the first trip of the year and in which area. Uber will also provide data on the number of minutes spent riding with Uber, how many kilometres were covered and which cities users visited while riding in Uber.
Finally, there is information on the rating system. Uber will tell you on how many trips were you rated a 5 star rider, preferred mode or service of travel within Uber.
Uber’s year in review in India
Recently, the company also released a report in which it provided insights into how Indians ‘Ubered’ during the year. The cities with the highest number of Uber trips in 2023 are Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata.
Additionally, Delhi-NCR led the pack with the overall highest number of trips and residents of Delhi NCR used Uber the most for the highest number of office-hour trips booked. Mumbai, however, beat Delhi-NCR in terms of the most late-night trips booked and Kolkata residents booked Uber the most on the weekends.


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