GTA V leaving soon from Xbox Game Pass, here’s what you need to know about it


Xbox keeps updating its games list in its subscription-based service — Game Pass. The company has recently updated the listing on its website that puts GTA V in the Leaving Soon section. This means, the game will soon leave the Xbox Game Pass section.
Versions leaving Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Games Pass includes GTA V’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions. According to the official Xbox Game Pass website, both the versions will be leaving soon from the Game Pass list.
Till when users can play the game for free
Xbox hasn’t exactly mentioned the date when the game will leave the game pass section. However, the website mentions that once the game is within the Leaving Soon section, it will be removed within two weeks. Also, it is also not clear when the game was put in the Leaving Soon section. So, we assume that there’s only a couple of weeks left.
What does this mean for users
Xbox Game Pass subscription includes over 100 titles that are available for players to play without paying any additional cost. Or to put it in perspective, Game Pass subscribers don’t need to purchase the game by paying the full amount to play it.
The caveat here is that these games leave the Xbox Game Pass section after a while and then users don’t have the option to play it, even if they have an action Game Pass subscription.
Will the game leave from Xbox platform
It is important to note that the game is leaving the Xbox Game Pass section and not the entire Xbox platform. So, interested players will have the option to purchase GTA V from Xbox store and play it. The game will be there permanently in their library or until it leaves the platform altogether.


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