Sony may soon launch a DualSense V2 controller with 12 hours of battery


Sony is reportedly working on an updated PlayStation 5 controller that may soon make its debut in the international markets. According to a report by GameRant, a new V2 DualSense Wireless Controller was spotted on Best Buy‘s Canadian online shop. This new controller is likely to come with increased battery life. The report claims that the upcoming device is listed as having 12 hours of battery life. To compare, the currently available controller offers a maximum of five hours.
Sony’s DualSense V2 controller: What to expect
Apart from the major battery upgrade, the newly-listed Sony V2 DualSense wireless controller looks quite similar to its predecessor. The report also claims that the upcoming controller has a headset jack, built-in microphone and haptic triggers across its rear and face.
The controller is listed for 90 CAD (about $67), which is also similar to the previous model of the V2 DualSense wireless controller which was launched at $69 retail price. As per the report, the 12-hour model is currently visible on the website, however, it’s not actually available for purchase. So it’s unclear when Sony will release the upgraded controller.

In November 2023, Sony filed a patent that described a new controller that would come with a touchscreen instead of a touchpad. The patented controller also has the potential to employ predictive AI assistance to light up certain buttons, analogue sticks and shoulder triggers for various gameplay situations.
The DualSense controller which is currently available was released in late 2020 alongside the PlayStation 5. This model offered a number of notable improvements compared to its DualShock 4 predecessor that debuted with the PS4.
Apart from replacing DualShock 4’s microUSB port with a USB-C one, the current-generation controller also introduced haptic feedback support and adaptive triggers.


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