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Apple has removed an app named Kimi from its App Store. This app which posed as a vision testing app was reportedly a platform which allowed users to watch pirated movies on their smartphones. According to a report by The Verge, Apple has removed the app from the App Store on iOS, iPadOS and macOS, after it was called out to be ‘misleading. The report notes that the app has been available on the App Store since around September 2023.

What is the Kimi app and how it worked

As per the report, the Kimi app looked shady and wasn’t a vision testing app.The app also didn’t have a proper description or screenshots. Yet, Kimi was placed at number eight in the App Store’s trending list of free entertainment apps and number 46 overall for free apps, the report added.
When opened the app showed movies and TV shows for users to watch. This app also didn’t have any splash screen or trick to unlock and wasn’t even hidden under any layer of legitimacy, the report noted.
The app looked like the older Popcorn Time app which was available on Apple’s App Store years ago. This app also allowed users to stream movies from torrents. The report didn’t confirm if Kimi also used torrents for hosting all of this content which would also be expensive.

The report also notes that the app’s Search tab had easy filtering options and even included a Ranking tab that showed users content like what people are watching the most or what’s new.
This app also allowed users to download movies. However, not all content has a decent viewing quality. It also didn’t share information like a film’s cast details or trivia. The report claims that the app was “designed to get you to the movies you want ASAP, regardless of legality.”
Apple hasn’t revealed how this app bypassed the company’s App Store’s app review team. For years, the iPhone maker has insisted that its locked-down App Store is necessary to keep iOS users safe.
The company also has argued against regulations that require Apple to allow sideloading apps or alternative app stores. Recently, a phishing app was also spotted on the App Store that was posing as LastPass.


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