Apple Vision Pro in India: Man seen wearing the headset on Indiranagar street in Bengaluru |


Apple’s long-awaited Vision Pro mixed-reality headset finally became available earlier this month. Priced at $3,499, Apple has launched the Vision Pro in the US only so far. There are no details about its availability outside the US so far. Apple Vision Pro was sold out for in-store pickup on day one (February 2) at many locations across the US and new delivery dates have reportedly stretched to late March.
An X (formerly Twitter) user going by the name Ayush Pranav posted the picture of the man wearing the Vision Pro headset, captioning the post as “@peakbengaluru moment.”
“bumped into @waitin4agi_ while he was playing around with his vision pro on the streets of indiranagar gotta be a @peakbengaluru moment,” he posted.

Apple Vision Pro has not launched in India yet
Apple has not launched Vision Pro anywhere outside the US as yet. For now, Apple Vision Pro will not work for those who live outside the US. This means that even if you plan to spend that money and get it from abroad, it will not be a good idea. As to why, here’s what you need to know: Your Apple ID region must be US-based and all the app purchases you made must be through that ID.
The man said to be spotted wearing the headset has posted a quick review of the device. It is not clear how he did that or if his Apple ID is that of the US.
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Vision Pro
Apple CEO Tim Cook has compared the Vision Pro debut to the birth of Apple’s other iconic devices, including the Mac, iPod and iPhone, saying it “joins the pantheon of groundbreaking products.” “Apple Vision Pro brings together thousands of innovations to create a product that’s like nothing the world has ever seen before,” he said in a memo to staff following the launch. “It’s an extraordinary achievement, and as so many of you can attest, it has been years in the making.”
Apple put the Vision Pro on sale in a limited number of stores in the US at the start of this month, with an elaborate setup and customisation process for each buyer. The company wants to ensure an optimal first experience with its virtual reality goggles — which it dubs a spatial computer, owing to the hand gestures used to control it.


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