Cybersecurity skills shortage: This is what is to blame, ‘say’ IT professionals |


A recent global survey from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky suggests that formal cybersecurity education fails to adequately prepare information security experts for the realities of the job.
The research found that almost half of cybersecurity professionals believe their academic training was only slightly helpful or entirely useless in helping them fulfil their job duties, prompting many to seek additional training.This disconnect is exacerbating the cybersecurity skills shortage, according to experts.
“The education system is detached from the realities of cybersecurity, resulting in a lack of applicability when it comes to real-life work experience,” said Evgeniya Russkikh, Head of Cybersecurity Education at Kaspersky.
Specifically, less than half of respondents said their college or university program offered hands-on experience with real-world cybersecurity scenarios. Access to the latest technologies and quality internships were also cited as weak points.
The survey found that the availability of cybersecurity courses is also an issue, with half of respondents rating it as “poor” or “very poor.” This figure rose to over 80% among professionals with 2-5 years experience.
To tackle these gaps, Kaspersky advises a focus on integrating industry knowledge into curriculums, supplementing education with internships, supporting skills development competitions, and promoting continuous learning.
Kaspersky runs its internship program and global capture the flag contest, Secur’IT Cup, aimed at helping cybersecurity students gain practical experience.
The firm also has an initiative to incorporate its threat intelligence into university curriculums through the Kaspersky Academy Alliance. Over 300 institutions globally are part of the program.
“Cyber threats are rapidly evolving so education often struggles to stay current,” said Russkikh. “We help universities overcome these challenges.”


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