Google Rolls Out Gemini AI to iPhones and Android Users Outside US: Here’s How to Access It |


Google recently launched Gemini Advanced, its rebranded AI chatbot that was previously referred to as Bard Advanced. At the same time, the company also announced Gemini app for Android and Gemini integration with Google app on iPhones. However, at the debut, the apps were available only in the US and now Google has announced that they are available outside the company’s home turf.
“Gemini mobile update: rollout started in English in more countries and will continue over next few days,” said Jack Krawczyk, senior director of product at Google, in a post on X.It is to be noted that the web version of Gemini is already available in over 230 regions supporting 40 different languages.
Krawczyk said that “Japanese and Korean [language] support is next, followed by more languages/countries soon.”
Gemini app coming to India
Indian will be among the nations where Gemini app will be available in the coming days. Google announced that the apps will be made available in more regions in coming weeks. Last week, Krawczyk provided an update that the Gemini app will become available in Asia-Pacific, LATAM, North America and Africa in about seven days.
At that time, Krawczyk didn’t reveal the names of the countries the apps are coming to, and even this time around, he hasn’t explicitly named any country in which the app is coming. “Also working on a few more model fixes. Stay tuned,” he added.
How to access Gemini app on Android, iPhones
If you are the one who has got the access to the app, here’s who you can access Google Gemini on your phones.
Android users can download it from the Google Play Store and access it by invoking the Google Assistant.
“Starting to roll out via invoking Google Assistant – triggers an in situ opt in. Working on making it more clear exactly which Assistant features are work in progress vs which are available now. (also working on narrowing that gap!),” Krawczyk said.
iPhone users can update their Google app and Gemini will be available as a toggle at the top of the Google app. “Currently appears if you have your OS language set to English,” Krawczyk added.


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