Happy Valentine’s Day: Google’s Chemistry Lesson for Valentine’s Day |


Happy Valentine’s Day! Google Doodle is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Chemistry lesson. “Today’s interactive game Doodle celebrates Valentine’s Day with a scientific spin — it’s all about the chemistry,” is how Google describes the Doodle.
Wondering what’s Chemistry in it? “Love is in the O2, so let’s play some Chemistry CuPd!,” says the company.
How to play and create your Bond
Choose an avatar from the periodic table or take a quiz to get matched to the one that best fits your personality. Then it’s time to start swiping through profiles of various elements to make bonds! Each element is very different so be sure to read their profiles so you know when to swipe right.
As the search giant says, “There’s no stronger bond than love, especially when the chemistry is just right.”
Google has also shared drafts of the doodle. Doodle Team Lead include Jessica Yu, Alyssa Winans, Nate Swinehart, Tom Tabanao and Jacob Howcroft.


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