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Google has rebranded the Bard to Gemini and also introduced a new Google Gemini app that aims to bring Gemini to smartphones. The app, although, is currently available in the US region and is expected to expand to more regions in coming weeks.
However, the Gemini app servers are live in several countries and if you somehow manage to download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet, then you can also use it as your default digital assistant instead of Google Assistant.
Wondering how to do it? Follow our step-by-step guide:

  • Google Gemini app needs to installed on the phone
  • Google Assistant app is also required
  • Make sure that Google Assistant is your default digital assistant and not something else like Bixby, etc.

Steps to replace Google Assistant with Gemini as digital assistant

  • First open Gemini app and set it up properly with Google Account
  • Now, open Assistant app on your smartphone and head to Settings from profile icon
  • Find “Digital assistants from Google” option and tap on it
  • Here, you’ll see Gemini and Google Assistant listed, select Gemini to set it as the default digital assistant.

After following the instructions, pressing the power button or hey google will trigger Gemini instead of Google Assistant.
Steps to set Google Assistant as default digital assistant
To set up Google Assistant back as your default assistant, open Gemini app and then head to Profile→Settings→Digital assistants from Google” and choose Assistnat.
Things you should know about using Gemini as digital assistant
Google Gemini is an AI-powered chatbot and it can do alot of things that Google Asisstant can do like accessing features and functions from the apps, getting internet based replies. However, Gemini has its own limitations. For instance, it can’t control smart home devices, etc. In simple words, Gemini has been designed to get more information and Google Assistant was designed to get things done. So, depending on what you want from your digital assistant, you can choose Gemini and Assistant as per your choice.


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