Is JK Rowling really bigoted? Viral video shows how a teacher changes student’s opinion completely |


A viral social media video on X, formerly Twitter, is causing a stir on social media, depicting a student’s journey from conviction to uncertainty, and finally, to enlightenment. Central to the narrative is the contentious topic of J.K. Rowling‘s purported transphobia – a divisive assertion that continues to provoke intense discussion. The video serves as a powerful testament to the importance of critical thinking and the danger of accepting information at face value.
Unveiling Misconceptions
In the video, a Massachusetts teacher identified as Warren Smith, nudges a student to critically assess the accusation of Rowling’s transphobia. Initially confident, the student unequivocally brands the acclaimed author as ‘transphobic’. However, the situation shifts when the teacher prompts the student to examine a specific post by Rowling. As the student reads it aloud, a surprising realization dawns – there’s no evidence of bigotry in Rowling’s statements.
The post, central to the controversy, contains assertions supporting individuals’ freedom to live as they choose, alongside a defence of the idea that birth assigned gender is an undeniable reality. Rowling’s nuanced perspective has been misconstrued and distorted, fuelling belief in her alleged transphobia.
Political commentator Lee Harris took to X (formerly Twitter) and posted the video with the caption, “This is utterly brilliant. A student accuses @jk_rowling of being transphobic. This teacher skillfully dissects the claim and challenges it by asking questions. He teaches not what to think, but how to think critically. Watch until the end. You see the epiphany in real-time.”

Promoting Critical Thought
The video showcases the teacher’s approach, highlighting the significance of critical thinking. It prompts the student to develop a perspective through personal analysis, rather than just echoing the opinions of others. This approach, though demanding, cultivates independent thinking and stimulates intellectual development. Consequently, the student concedes to misinterpreting Rowling’s stance and recognizes the unfairness of the continuous criticisms hurled at her. The video concludes with the student realizing that the existing opinion was accepted without really examining its validity.
Value of Direct Assessment
This widely circulated video emphasizes the value of firsthand evaluation. It also highlights the danger of relying on rumours and collective opinions while emphasizing each person’s duty to analyze information before shaping their own perceptions. The student’s realization in the video illustrates that this is not merely a lesson in critical thinking but also a route to fairness of opinion.


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