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Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg joined the list of tech CEOs who have had their say on Apple’s Vision Pro headset. It is uncommon for top executives to openly talk about products offered by their rival companies, especially if they are competing in the same domain. The Meta CEO posted a reel in which he talks about Apple’s mixed reality headset and compares it with the Quest 3 headset made by his company.
“I don’t just think Quest is the better value, I think Quest is the better product, period,” he says within seconds into his review of the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Zuckerberg said that his reel was filmed using the Quest 3’s passthrough camera. He highlighted key differences between the two devices, comparing the weight, field of view, flexibility of accessories and, obviously, the price.
Zuckerberg acknowledged Vision Pro’s superior entertainment capabilities but said that Quest has a vast library of immersive content.
What other tech CEOs have to say
Previously, CEOs of tech companies, including Google, OpenAI and Nothing, have given positive comments on Apple Vision Pro.
A week after the launch, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that he is excited about the potential of technology that is seen in Apple’s Vision Pro.
“I literally haven’t used or seen it, but we’ve always felt computing will evolve beyond the black rectangles. We will have more immersive experiences. I’m excited about the potential for the technology,” he said.
Carl Pei, CEO of London-based Nothing, mocked the product last year but was all praise soon after its debut.
“We should celebrate Apple for making the Vision Pro, even if the gen1 product is mid. This is how progress is made, people try new things, learn, and iterate. Gen2 will be better!” he said in a post on X.
Recently, he said that he will review the headset “when things calm down and I can be more objective.”

Sam Altman, who is the chief executive of OpenAI – the company that launched ChatGPT – also said that Apple Vision Pro is the “second most impressive tech” giving the iPhone the top spot. Apple’s products, especially the iPhones, have wowed top executives. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has mentioned, at least twice, about how iPhones brought a revolution in the tech industry.


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