Zomato plays a ‘Tinder’ prank on users this Valentine’s Day |


Zomato has a cute way to wish its users a Happy Valentine’s Day. The food delivery app has added a dedicated Valentine’s Day store with all the items curated for users as per the users’ requirements along with a “Find a match” option that matches users to “foodies with similar tastes”.
Zomato’s Find a match: It’s a prank
Zomato’s Find a match is a prank that the food delivery app has pulled on users and also wants them to share with other users. The Find a match page mentions “Enter your preferences, and we’ll match you with foodies with similar tastes.”
How it works
Once you enter into the Find a match page, you’ll be asked to enter your gender and the gender you are interested in.
Zomato will run the preference and find a match. For us, it found “Rita” or Margherita. The company also wants you to share this with your friends and pull the prank on them.
How to access Zomato’s Find a match prank
Make sure to download and install the latest version of the Zomato app and then open the app.
Once on the app’s home screen, look for the Happy Valentine’s Day banner on the top and tap on it. It will open the dedicated Valentine’s Day store where you’ll find the “Find a match” option.
To access tap on the “Find a match” button and then enter your gender and the gender you are interested in. Tap the “Find a match” button and let Zomato do its thing to find the ‘perfect’ match for you.
That’s it! You’ll see the match as per your preference, along with Valentine’s Day deals and the option to share the prank with your friends and family to pull the prank on them.


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