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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment recently rolled out the Season 20 update for its free-to-play battle-royale shooter game, Apex Legends. The new season, named Breakout, adds multiple new content as well as a new Performance mode for current-gen consoles. This new mode has introduced a much-anticipated 120hz option for players on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 which takes advantage of the more powerful hardware in the latest consoles.However, some players have taken to social media to complain about how the new update is reportedly affecting their gameplay.

How Apex Legends Season 20 is affecting players

According to a report by GameRant, a Reddit user posted that their time playing with Performance mode enabled on Xbox Series X felt “underwhelming.” The user noted that the visuals took a significant hit while using the graphics feature and objects in the distance looked unclear.
Several other gamers responded to it and claimed to have encountered similar issues while trying to play at 120fps on current-gen consoles.
“I agree, such a long awaited update and feels underwhelming,” another one user added.

These lower resolutions can be concerning for players on console, as being able to spot opponents in the distance can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing.
Earlier, developer Respawn Entertainment revealed that while using the 120 frames-per-second mode aim assist will be adjusted in Apex Legends, the report notes. However, the developer didn’t mention the exact change in value. The report claims that it was likely decreased to compensate for the increased smoothness of Performance mode, which was expected to make aiming easier.
Apart from this, many players claimed that Apex Legends‘ Straight Shot LTM offers a new twist on the battle royale gameplay by adding the faster-paced matches with kitted weapons and a re-queue feature.
The developer is expected to improve the Performance Mode in the coming days.


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