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Even after three years of its launch Windows 11 still has a lot less market share compared to Windows 10. According to a report, Windows 10 has over 60% market share as of today and Microsoft is ending the support for Windows 10 next year.
As per a Reuters report, Google has a plan to prevent those PCs from going to complete waste, especially the ones that are owned by businesses.
The report says that Google’s parent company Alphabet has confirmed that it will let businesses install a version of Chrome OS Flex on those PCs that will come with an auto-updating feature and will continue supporting it after Windows 10 reaches the end of its cycle.
The company has mentioned that Chrome OS Flex will continue receiving regular security updates and features like data encryption, etc to let users keep using their Windows 10 PCs.
If you are unaware, Microsoft has already confirmed that it will end the support for Windows 10 operating system by October 14, 2025, and will stop offering regular security updates and new features to it. Also, the company has asked users to upgrade to a Windows 11 PC before that or explore other options.
This move could make Chrome OS popular
Compared to Windows or Mac, Chrome OS currently has very little market share and with the end of Windows 10 support, which is expected to send around 240 million (as per Canalas report) PCs to landfills, offering an alternative option could allow Chrome OS to become a key player in the PC operating system space.
Google has also mentioned that Chrome OS will allow users to stream legacy Windows softwares and productivity tools on their operating systems and that will make a big difference.
Chrome OS Flex and Windows 365 can make a difference
Considering Google is offering Chrome OS to PCs, the Windows 365 move can also allow businesses to keep these laptops and desktops relevant even after the support ends. Chrome OS Flex installed on PCs and Windows 365 running on e-web browsers can be a game changer for most users or at least for those 240 million devices out there that are set to go irrelevant soon.
Solution not only limited to businesses
Google is offering an auto-updating version of Chrome OS Flex to businesses. Normal users can also download and install the Chrome OS Flex on their older PCs. Chrome OS Flex requires much less system resources to run smoothly and that allows it to be installed on any PC without many issues. So, if your PC is also running out of support soon or it already has, then you can try Chrome OS Flex and make it a fully functional device again.


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