Lenovo may launch a transparent laptop at MWC 2024: What to expect |


Lenovo is expected to showcase a concept transparent laptop at Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will be held in Barcelona later this month. A tipster named Evan Blass has shared leaked images of the upcoming concept device on social media platform X (previously Twitter). The new leaked press image (spotted by The Verge) shows two of the concept laptops on a desk, with one of the devices being visible through the transparent screen of another.

Lenovo transparent laptop concept: What to expect

The report claims that Lenovo may pitch the device to receptionists and other front of house staff who often find themselves talking to customers or guests with a screen in the way.However, there might be potential privacy issues if a screen’s contents are visible from the back.
Apart from its transparent screen, the leaked press images of Lenovo’s concept laptop also suggest that it’ll have a completely flat, touch-sensitive keyboard. There’s also a stylus visible next to one of the devices in the leaked image. This suggests that the device may also allow users to doodle on its display. The wallpaper shown on the laptop also suggests that the machine may run on Windows 11.
However, it’s also important to note that even if Lenovo does decide to show the laptop concept off at MWC there’s no guarantee that it’ll actually see a commercial release anytime soon.

At MWC 2023, the company exhibited a rollable laptop which allowed users to push a button and see the regular 12.7-inch landscape 4:3 display extend upwards to become a 15.3-inch portrait 8:9 screen.
Since then, there’s been no talk of the laptop getting a commercial release window. This new transparent laptop concept may also follow the same route.

Transparent see-through screens also isn’t a new technology as they have been cropping up in concept devices for over a decade.
Samsung showed off a transparent laptop concept at CES 2010. Trains equipped with transparent OLED window displays are also available in China and Japan.
Moreover, LG also announced its transparent Signature T television at CES 2024 which is expected to go on sale this year.


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