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In today’s tech-driven world, digital dating has revolutionised the way people meet potential partners. While it is convenient and users get more options, the trend is not without its drawbacks. A survey by a cybersecurity firm has painted a troubling picture of online dating, saying that the Indians dating online are at risk of facing stalking.
As per a report by Kaspersky, nearly half of respondents believe it’s acceptable to check a date’s social media as “due diligence”. According to the survey commissioned with over 21,000 people, including 1,000 from India, 42% of Indian respondents reported online stalking from a new partner, with tactics ranging from unwanted messages to location tracking and stalkerware installation.
“Nearly half (49%) of the respondents believe that Googling/checking social media accounts of a person they had started dating as a form of due diligence is acceptable and 52% admitted to doing so when they started dating someone,” the report said.
Furthermore, over half (54%) of the respondents in India have reported some form of violence or abuse from a current or previous partner.
Forms of abuse faced by Indians
The report claims that 27% of respondents had been sent unwanted emails or messages, and 23% had been filmed or photographed without their consent.
“A further 24% admitted they had had their location tracked, 18% that their social media accounts or emails had been hacked, and worryingly, 22% had stalkerware installed on their devices without their consent,” the report highlighted.
Moreover, 21% of the women respondents in India said that their social media and email accounts were hacked by the person they have dated earlier.
Both genders are being stalked online
The report highlighted that both genders are stalked by their partners with women being targeted more. About 21% of respondents said they worried about the prospect of being stalked online – female respondents are slightly more concerned at the prospect than males (23% were worried compared to 19% of male respondents).
According to the survey, 26% of the male respondents had installed some form of stalkerware or monitoring tool into the devices of their current partner, while 24% of female respondents did the same to their male partners.
In India, stalking both physically and via online is considered a major offence. As per the Indian Penal Law online stalking can lead to imprisonment for a term of 3 to 5 years along with a hefty fine.


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