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A cancer vaccine might become a possibility shortly as Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russian scientists were close to creating vaccines for cancer. Putin said the vaccine could soon be available to patients. Putin said in televised comments that “we have come very close to the creation of so-called cancer vaccines and immunomodulatory drugs of a new generation”, Reuters reported.”I hope that soon they will be effectively used as methods of individual therapy,” he added, speaking at a Moscow forum on future technologies.
Putin, however, did not specify which types of cancer the proposed vaccines would target, nor how. There are currently six licensed vaccines against human papillomaviruses (HPV) that cause many cancers, including cervical cancer, according to the World Health Organization, as well as vaccines against hepatitis B (HBV), which can lead to liver cancer.
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A number of countries and companies are working on cancer vaccines. Last year the UK government signed an agreement with Germany-based BioNTech to launch clinical trials providing “personalised cancer treatments”, aiming to reach 10,000 patients by 2030. Pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Merck & Co are developing an experimental cancer vaccine that a mid-stage study showed cut the chance of recurrence or death from melanoma – the most deadly skin cancer – by half after three years of treatment.

Global cancer burden growing, amidst mounting need for services: WHO

On World Cancer Day, which was observed on February 4, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had released the latest estimates of cancer across 115 countries. “About 1 in 5 people develop cancer in their lifetime, approximately 1 in 9 men and 1 in 12 women die from the disease,” the WHO report had found along with an alarming data that cancer had claimed 9.7 million lives in 2022 and close to 20 million new cancer cases were detected in 2022.

The commonly occurring cancers

As per the WHO, Lung cancer was the most commonly occurring cancer worldwide with 2.5 million new cases accounting for 12.4% of the total new cases. Female breast cancer ranked second, followed by colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer.

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