Samsung rolls out Galaxy S24 update to address display, camera complaints |


Samsung has begun rolling out a software update focused on display and camera performance for its newly released Galaxy S24 lineup. The update directly targets user complaints about inconsistent photo quality and washed-out screen visuals on the Galaxy S24, S24, and S24 Ultra models. Key changes include added “Vividness” controls for the display, upgrades to zoom, Portrait mode, low-light photography, and more.
“Based on your feedback, through an upcoming update, we aim to provide enhanced options and experiences across device display and camera, enabled by advanced hardware and software integration efforts,” Samsung said in a statement.
Display adjustments headline the updates. Users can now fine-tune colour intensity and contrast with a new “Vividness” slider in the screen’s advanced settings menu. Samsung calibrated the Galaxy S24 for naturalistic hues but opted to include the slider to satisfy owners preferring punchier visuals.
The camera overhaul focuses on — zoom, portraits, and low-light shots. Specifics remained vague, though Samsung promised meaningful changes to zoom capabilities, Portrait mode processing, its “Nightography” low-light mode and video recording from the rear lenses.
Rollouts start this month across all Galaxy S24 devices globally. Users can manually check for the update under “Software Update” in their device settings.


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