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Slack has launched AI-powered features for its enterprise users as a paid add-on. The add-on includes automatic thread and channel summaries, conversational search, and more.
The workplace chat platform is integrating new AI capabilities that aim to help users “work smarter, move faster, and spend their time on things that spark real innovation and growth,” said Slack CEO Denise Dresser in an announcement Wednesday.
One of the latest Slack AI tools is an AI-powered search feature that enables users to ask natural language questions about information shared in Slack messages. The feature generates automatic answers by using relevant message data. Additionally, users can click to get recaps of unread messages or activity summaries over custom time ranges for any Slack channel they can access.
With AI users can also get thread summaries with just one click. This feature can help users quickly identify the critical decisions, next steps, and priorities based on the thread’s contents. It’s a great way to improve productivity and ensure critical information is not overlooked or forgotten.
Slack said its AI summarization and search features help workers more easily find and catch up on information from across the high volumes of data shared via the platform’s messages and threads.
The company said Slack AI upholds the platform’s existing security practices and compliance standards. Slack also said its AI systems train only on siloed customer data that remains in-house and claimed customer information is not used indirectly or directly to improve systems for other clients.
Slack AI launched is currently available only in UK and US English, with support for more languages and regions planned soon. Slack did not share pricing for access to Slack AI in its announcement.
The company plans to build more AI abilities, including digests highlighting essential info from Slack channels and integration for its Einstein Copilot chatbot to answer Slack messages.


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