Tinder parent Match Group sued for ‘predatory’ business, here’s what the company has to say |


Tinder parent company Match Group has been sued for allegedly having a “predatory” business model that is designed to addict users. A class action lawsuit against the company also alleges that the company defrauds those looking for love, and has an algorithm that rewards “compulsive use” of its platforms.
Match employs features “to gamify the platforms to transform users into gamblers locked in a search for psychological rewards that Match makes elusive on purpose,” news agency Reuters reported citing a complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco.
The lawsuit also alleges that Match Group’s apps, “employ recognised dopamine-manipulating product features.”
The six plaintiffs claim that Match’s apps, which include Tinder, Hinge, and The League, are “designed to be deleted” as they prioritise profit over love. A lawyer for the plaintiffs said that Match’s apps deliver “a game, leading to addiction, and the loneliness, anxiety and depression that come with it.
What Match Group has to say
Match Group has denied the accusations, asserting their focus is getting users “on dates every day and off our apps.”
“This lawsuit is ridiculous and has zero merit. Our business model is not based on advertising or engagement metrics. We actively strive to get people on dates every day and off our apps. Anyone who states anything else doesn’t understand the purpose and mission of our entire industry,” Match was quoted as saying.
Recently, Match chief executive Bernard Kim told analysts that the company adopted a “fast-fail mentality” to move on from features that don’t work. Kim also said that Tinder and Hinge are using AI to improve users’ experiences.
Other ‘addiction’ lawsuits
This is not the first time a company has been sued for alleged addictive features. Tech giants like Facebook and Instagram parent Meta as well as TikTok have been accused of knowingly exploiting children with addictive features.


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