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Microsoft is expected to announce the next major update of Windows 11 later this year. The update — dubbed as Windows 11 24H2 and Windows 12 — is set to arrive with several new features and changes.
However, one change that the update is set to bring is a new CPU instruction called “Population Count (POPCNT)” that the processor needs to support to boot Windows 11.
Now, this can become a problem for some Windows PCs, especially those running on dated hardware.
As reported by PCWorld, an X user named Bob Pony found a change in the latest build of Windows 11 about the POPCNT requirement to run the operating system.
The post reads, “There are various system files requiring the POPCNT CPU instruction, from the Windows 11 kernel to the USB XHCI drivers,” Pony writes. “Without POPCNT, it doesn’t boot!”
Will it stop working on all older-generation Windows 11 PCs
According to the report, Windows 11 24H2’s POPCNT requirement will prevent the OS from booting in PCs with processors that do not support it. However, this may become a problem for really old processors like Core2Duo, Dual Core, etc.
This affects PCs that are 15 or more older and running older generation hardware. AMD started offering the POPCNT a while back and Intel with its first-generation Intel Core processors has been supporting the POPCNT.
That said, PCs with relatively newer processors won’t be affected by this new requirement. However, older PC users may need to move on to newer PCs that support POPCNT.
Will the cracked version of Windows 11 work on these PCs
Windows 11 already comes with pretty solid minimum system requirements that a PC needs to meet to run the Windows 11 operating system. However, unsupported PCs were able to run Windows 11 without the licence.
With this change, the requirement of POPCNT is at the core level and it will prevent it from running even the cracked version of Windows 11.
Microsoft’s attempt at making people adopt Windows 11
Microsoft has been pushing Windows 11 to make users move on to their newer operating system. However, the adoption rate is relatively low at 27.83% globally which is much less compared to 66.45% of Windows 10 market share.
With this move, Microsoft is aiming to force people to move to Windows 11 and also upgrade their PCs with newer hardware.


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