Apple’s cloud gaming rules “go the opposite direction” for competition, says Microsoft Gaming CEO |


Microsoft will not be bringing an Xbox Cloud Gaming app to iOS devices at this time due to an inability to properly monetise the service under Apple‘s current App Store policies, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer told The Verge.
Despite recent changes by Apple to App Store policies both globally and in the European Union under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Spencer said the updates “don’t go far enough to open up competition on the world’s largest gaming platform.”
“There’s no room for us to monetize Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS,” Spencer stated.”I think the proposal that Apple put forward – and I thought Sarah Bond’s comments on this were right on – doesn’t go far enough to open up. In fact, you might even say they go the opposite direction in some way, but they definitely don’t go far enough to open up competition.”
In January, Xbox President Sarah Bond said Apple’s DMA response was “a step in the wrong direction.”
Spencer went on to say Microsoft will “continue to work with regulators, and Apple and Google, to create a space for alternative storefronts.” He supports a model similar to Windows, where there are multiple game storefronts like Steam and Epic Games Store.
The DMA requires Apple to allow alternative app stores and payment methods in the EU. However, Apple requires a €1 million letter of credit and a 30% commission on purchases through third-party stores. Companies like Spotify have called it a “complete and total farce.”
Globally, Apple also eased restrictions on cloud gaming, allowing catalogues of streamed games in a single app. But without monetization, Microsoft isn’t pursuing an iOS app.
“I think the largest platform for gamers, which is mobile, should have the same,” Spencer added regarding wanting multiple game storefronts.
Microsoft currently offers Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android devices and PCs via a web browser. An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is required for access.
The service allows users to stream and play over 100 console and PC games without needing to install them. However, without alternative storefronts and monetization on iOS, Microsoft cannot replicate the business model.


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