CBSE Denounces Fake Notice on Class 12 Board Exam 2024 Postponement Amidst Farmer’s Protest |


NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a stern warning against a fake notice circulating on social media platforms, claiming the postponement of Class XII Board Exams due to the Farmer’s Protest. In a tweet on the microblogging portal X, under the hashtag #CBSEFACTCHECK, the Board clarified that the notice is false and misleading.
The fake notice, purportedly from the CBSE, asserts that the Board exams for Class XII have been postponed due to problems arising from the Farmer’s Protest.It suggests that students facing difficulties in appearing for exams can request a change in their examination centre or dates. The notice outlines a detailed procedure for making such requests.
However, CBSE swiftly moved to dismiss the fake notice, emphasizing that no such decision has been taken by the Board. Students and stakeholders are urged not to pay attention to the fabricated information and rely only on official announcements from CBSE.
This misinformation highlights the challenges posed by the spread of fake news on social media platforms. CBSE, along with other educational boards, has been vigilant in combating false information, especially amidst the uncertainties caused by the farmer’s protest and other external factors.
The Board reiterated its commitment to transparent and timely communication regarding any changes or updates related to the Board exams. It urged students to stay updated through the official CBSE website and verified social media channels for authentic information.
As the Board strives to maintain the integrity of the examination process, it advises students to refrain from sharing unverified information and to verify the authenticity of any notices or announcements before believing or circulating them.

The PDF file circulating on social media platforms contains the fake notice. The letter reads
“It has come to the notice of the board that due to the Farmer’s Protest, there are problems faced by the board. Students are unable to appear in the schools, so as per the government guidelines, Board Exams of Class XII have been postponed. You will be informed of the new dates as soon as they are available.
Looking into the problem, CBSE has decided to postpone the dates of examination centres. The process for making a request in this regard would be as follows:
i) It is mandatory that students concerned should have been issued Roll No. for the examination by the CBSE.
ii) The student concerned will make a request to the school requesting to change the theory examination date or practical examination date or both (as the case may be). While making the request, the student will also inform the school and the city (state) the student would prefer to appear in the theory examination/practical.
iii) Based on the request received by the school from the student, the school will log in to the school account on the CBSE website and submit the details of the student, i.e., Name of the student, Roll No., Change required city/country, etc.
iv) The choice of city from where the student will appear in the examination, no change will be allowed once the request is submitted by the school.
v) In case a change for both the dates of the theory examination centre and Practical is required, both will be changed to one city only. Two separate centres, i.e., one for theory and one for practical, will not be allowed.”

CBSE Denounces Fake Notice on Class 12 Board Exam 2024


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