Did emperor Akbar drink water from the river Ganga?


The river Ganga, or Ganges, is considered sacred by millions of Hindus, who believe that it is the embodiment of the goddess Ganga. According to Hindu mythology, Ganga descended from heaven to earth through the matted locks of Lord Shiva, to wash away the sins of humanity. Ganga is also revered for its healing and purifying properties, as it is said to contain some special elements that are not found in any other river in the world. Many Hindus perform rituals, take baths, and drink Ganga water as a way of attaining spiritual and physical well-being.

Akbar, who was born a Muslim, was exposed to Hindu culture and beliefs since his childhood. He had a Hindu foster mother, who taught him the stories of Hindu gods and goddesses. He also had many Hindu wives, who influenced his religious views and practices. Akbar developed a respect and admiration for Hinduism, and incorporated some of its elements into his own faith. He also adopted some Hindu customs, such as celebrating festivals, wearing tilak, and drinking Ganga water.

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