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To keep up with the competition, Google keeps updating Messages with new features and changes. In the latest update, the company has started rolling out “Screen Effects” which delivers a full screen animation in the background of a message.
The update, according to a report by 9to5Google, is rolling out to the beta testers for now and we expect it to become widely available in coming weeks or with the next app update for regular users.
What is Screen Effects
Screen Effects are full screen animations which look like an adaptation of iMessage’s message effects which triggers a full screen animation in the background when a certain phrase is written by a sender or the receiver.
The report mentions that Google Messages currently supports a limited number of phrases that trigger the Screen Effects in the background. Google has mentioned that currently there are 15 phrases that trigger the Screen Effects and it will appear on both ends on any app that supports RCS on Android smartphones.
For example typing I Love You, which triggers the heart effect followed by a dove that flew north with a white trail. The animation lasts for about 10 seconds. Similarly, Sounds good triggers multiple giant thumbs up all over the background.
Google has also allowed users to disable the Screen Effects, in case it is a little too much for you.
How to get Screen Effects on your Android phone
Screen Effects are available in beta. So you’ll have to enroll into the beta program for the Google Messages app. For this, head to Google Play Store, search the app, tap on it to open the listing page and scroll down till you see the “Join the beta” section. Hit the “Join” button and wait till you receive an update.
Once the update is available, tap on the “Update” button to install the beta version of Google Messages on your smartphone.


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