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Karnataka BJP MLA Arvind Bellad has reportedly criticised Infosys, India’s second-largest Indian IT major. According to a report in Economic Times, addressing the state Assembly, Bellad, who is also Deputy Leader of the Opposition, called it “betrayal at its finest” and demanded that the state government take back the land.
According to him, Infosys acquired 58 acres of land in the industrial estate about ten years ago.He further said that the Bengaluru-headquartered IT giant purchased the land which had a market rate of Rs 1.5 crore per acre but paid only Rs 35 lakh per acre to the farmers promising they will set up a campus and provide employment. However, he claims that the company has not created a single job.
Bellad also posted a video on microblogging website X (formerly Twitter) where he tagged Infosys. “Betrayal at its finest! @Infosys promised jobs, but all we got were empty #promises and trees. #Infosys #Hubli was granted 58 acres of land which is in my constituency with the aim of fostering employment for the entire North Karnataka region, yet it has failed to deliver on job creation. As a representative, I can’t face the farmers I pacified anymore. It’s time for Infosys to face the consequences and for the government to reclaim the land that’s rightfully ours,” he wrote.

The comments were made during the Karnataka state legislature’s 10-day budget session that started on February 12.

Industries minister promises action

During the discussion, the minister for IT-BT and Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Priyank Kharge too is said to have also pointed out that in cases where land was taken but nothing was done, incentives could be withdrawn in such cases and even withdraw the land in stringent cases.
Meanwhile, Karnataka Industries minister MB Patil assured that he would investigate the issue, stating, “If no progress has been made after land acquisition, we will issue notices and take action.” Patil is also reported to have ensured jobs for land losers at Taiwanese major Foxconn’s plant in Doddaballapur where 20 million iPhones are likely to be manufactured.
In its annual report released in April 2023, Infosys said, “As part of this strategy, this year, we set up offices in Hubballi, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur and Coimbatore, in India.”


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