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Days after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg ‘reviewed’ Apple Vision Pro, the company’s CTO has thrown a few more jabs. Andrew Bosworth, CTO, Meta did a small Q&A on Instagram where he gave his thoughts about Apple Vision Pro. Unsurprisingly, Bosworth agreed with Zuckerberg and said that the Meta Quest 3 was “the best value” headset available on the market.
He said that he tried the Vision Pro. “As soon as I put the headset on, I can see what trade-offs they made and why they made them. And, perhaps definitionally, those aren’t the trade-offs I would have made,” he said about Apple’s ‘spatial computing’ device.
Bosworth also said that he found Vision Pro very uncomfortable to use. “I think it’s way too much weight. And it’s distributed poorly,” he said. Citing Apple’s design language, he said that the choice of materials was wrong. “It’s part of their design language, the metal and the glass,” he said. “But metal and glass are not premium materials when they’re on your face. When they’re in your hand, they feel nice and they react nicely. But on your face, lightness is the premium material.”
The motion blur on the Vision Pro’s screen is also something Bosworth wasn’t impressed with. He said that when looking at your physical surroundings the motion blur was really distracting. “I look around a lot, I guess. I don’t know, maybe that’s the problem,” said the Meta CTO.
It’s not as if Bosworth wasn’t impressed as he said that the Vision Pro has some “tremendously great things”. For starters, the Vision Pro’s low latency and screen’s super-high resolution made watching movies and media was a great experience was Bosworth.
However, he said that Quest 3 headset was better value. “Save yourself $3,000,” he said, before adding,“Am I being totally fair? I don’t know. I’m not here to be fair. I am being honest with you.”


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