Microsoft promises “largest ever” leap for the next Xbox console |


Microsoft has confirmed it is developing new Xbox gaming hardware, including a next-generation console that will bring the “largest technical leap you will have ever seen” in a new generation.
Speaking on an official Xbox podcast, Xbox President Sarah Bond outlined an ambitious Xbox roadmap spanning this year’s holiday season and into the future. This holiday, Microsoft will reveal “exciting” new Xbox console and controller options.
Bond also confirmed work is underway on next-gen Xbox hardware focused on “delivering the largest technical leap that you will have ever seen in a hardware generation.” Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer hinted at “unique” console designs tailored specifically for gamers.
Details remain slim, but documents leaked last year pointed to a disc-less Xbox Series X revision and a new controller with swappable batteries possibly launching in 2024. The leaks also referenced a next-gen console tentatively scheduled for 2028. Spencer later insisted this was outdated information.
Nonetheless, Bond’s comments now confirm that next-generation hardware is actively in development. Her promise of the “largest ever technical leap” sets towering expectations for what this new Xbox might deliver.
The confirmation comes on the heels of announcements that former Xbox exclusives, rumoredly Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves and Grounded, will also launch on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.
Intriguingly, Spencer touched upon the handhelds, the hot new thing in gaming. While not outright confirming such a device, Spencer acknowledged his enthusiasm for handheld gaming, saying, “I’m a big fan of handhelds.” He also noted challenges in delivering a smooth handheld experience using Windows but said Microsoft’s platform team is working to address this.
Given Spencer’s handheld affinity and Microsoft’s expanded device ecosystem, an Xbox handheld no longer feels like an impossible dream. While concrete details remain unknown, Bond’s reference to “unique” future hardware could be a veiled nod toward mobile Xbox ambitions.
Some fans worried this signalled Microsoft stepping back from Xbox hardware. But Bond emphasised gaming hardware remains integral to Microsoft’s vision. A blog post this week also promised “more console and controller options” in 2024, while Spencer said the hardware team is focused on “creating hardware that sells to gamers because of the unique aspects.”


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